I want to write new history




To explore even more

What is missing

And has been taken

But no mistake about it

Our minds are crowded

With everything else except

What actually needs to be there

To not only help just self

But also everyone else

The rediscovery

Of us as a people

With history that has no equal

But cancelled and put away sequels

Of our heritage and culture

One unlike any other

In human history

With its very own and separate mysteries

Beyond what you know and seek

As a nation with much potential greatness

But we are so behind

Because the ties that bind us together

May have been lost forever

Or at least seems this way

Stand up and just say

Back to the basics

And to the roots

With forged and stolen identities

That became you

Rather than the truth

And hold this information

To be self evident

With no explanation

Time to draw up

Our very own affidavit

That truly stated who we are

And what we expect

Taking real charge of

What comes next

By definition

Of actions or processes

To discovering again

Finding the nearest paper and pen

While beginning to write out

And notate

Our very own stories and findings

And reminding

Us all to bring to life

The stress and strife

But also something to

Look forward to

For our time is overdue

And erase all the lies

And despise

Smothering the truth

Any longer

Than it absolutely has to

No longer forgotten or ignored

Yet exposing more

Of the real mirror

Reflecting our very core

To appear and look back at us all

So time to make the call

Holding each other

So we no longer fall down

And turn frowns into smiles one day

That will inspire true words

To go and say

And readily state

Actions put into place

To save the many faces

That the truth starts to replace

That which has been hidden

And altered from you

Time to create new stories

And underlined trophies

Placing us into a new category

With recovery

And real glory

And being around to see

No more gory

But channeling soaring

Into our rediscovery

Taking shape and in a hurry

And nonstop rolling

Once it gets going

And let me be the first one

To write the new stories

So this piece here

Is the first allegory


Where writing comes alive

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