This poem is for those that feel alone and don’t feel they have accomplished much in their life. Keep going because a dream won’t ever happen if you give up.




Watching life pass by

And unsure of the reason why

Feeling unproductive

As life sits still

Seems to reveal

And stagnant in place

The look of disappointment

Upon one’s face

As they look into the mirror

And the life you are not living

Couldn’t be any clearer

Talented in all aspects

But not given the value or respect

And barely hanging on

To any confidence you have left

People look through you

As if you don’t exist

And no matter how much you persist

Might as well be invincible

Because you as an individual

Are the only one

That actually see value in self

Unfortunately, where it needs to count

In other areas of life and survival

It is constantly overlooked

And only seen as a rival

Or some kind of liability

When you have more than enough abilities

To do whatever you want

But the system is setup

So that everything just won’t

And doesn‘t happen for you

As it should and is needed

And every day you can’t phantom

Or wrap your head around

The way you are treated

The affect this has

On personal self esteem

After a while

Refuses to return a smile

As a frown and unhappiness

Has become the norm

And devalued as the standard appearance

To most who comes near it

What does one do

When this is always the case

That is the real question here

Because a person on the outside

Is not well as they may appear

On the inside

With it being such a train wreck in there

Just have taken too many blows

To see anything as fair

And the dark cloud within

As you become fully aware

As you stop and stare

At yourself with each waking day

Realizing that is no way

For one to live their life

Like your life has been stolen

And the struggle is real

Waiting for the right opportunity

To eventually show up and open

As you sit alone

And feeling unfulfilled


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