As I Touch The Sky



As my eyes

Look about and above

To the very skies

I take a moment to think

And reminisce on the touch

With the very feel

Of the air circling around

And such

Taken in through the pores

With each wonderful view

That was just too hard to ignore

As my hands reached towards the sky

Watching the clouds and the sun

Just roll by

Leaving me with a smile

Each and every time

Never waving goodbye

Because I look forward

To it coming around again

As the vast rays and wind

Caress my skin

And trying to describe this sensation

But where do I even begin

Whole days of this

Displaying its very own abyss

Amidst its core

And cannot wait for more

As it checks off my bucket list

Of beautiful and natural

Occurrences to take in

No matter where I go

Nor have been

Just let it be so

Facing and replacing

Every view of it

That I’ve come to know

As I breathe in its air

With each breath

Exhaling and inhaling

Throughout the lungs with

No pause or rest

Continually being at its best

And again, I smile

Just for a little while

As I compose myself

And compile all of the memories

Consistently with no goodbye

So, excuse me as I

Touch the sky


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