Arrival (Part 2)


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This poem was not meant to rival 

But just be a sequel title 

To the one before  

One that I had to write 

And could not ignore 

And deep within the recesses of my mind 

With each poetic piece 

Line for line 

With the intent to shine 

Right after it has arrived 

Pulling my thoughts together 

Despite the mood or the weather 

As I soar from within 

Until it comes and lands outside 

From where it was radiating 

And has been 

So, I begin to pen 

The next written work 

Of mine 

To fulfill this art form 

Over and over again through time 

And for many to witness it 

Every time one arrives 

To heed and read it 

And consume every poetic line 

Also, when their being voiced 

That they always tend to croon 

And self soothe 

With every appearance 

And looking forward to the next one 

Very soon 

Each one is near and dear to me 

And writing for this poet 

Is not optional but rather vital 

Take this poetic journey with me 

And enjoy the arrival 


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