Wind Through The Trees



Standing outside amidst the trees 

Watching the limbs shake 

As they’re swept by the strong breeze 

And though it seems 

Like they will topple over 

Yet they hold their position 

Very still indeed 

Despite the opposition 

Circling around them 

Just taking it all in 

From the beginning to the end 

Because this strong wind 

Is just moving through the trees 


Consistently and cool 

Within a few degrees 

Not making one sound 

Just pushing through quietly 

As I feel this constantly 

All around 

But it doesn’t bother me 

As I stand and lean against 

Yet right under these trees 

As if they are protecting me 

From the wind blowing diligently 

As I take in the view 

Surrounding me 

While I chill and stay still 

As the wind moves through the trees 


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