Not Ready

You must love self before you can love someone else. If you are not truly open and ready for love, then leave it those who are.




Going along with someone

Who is not ready

For the present or the future

Because they’re stuck in the past

Yet hoping the current status

Will go and last

While they remain unchanged

From ways that should be gone

And left where they belong

Blending the past with the present

Is poisoning it badly

And they don’t even see it

Unprepared for new challenges

And being a dead weight

To the one they move on with

Unable to keep up

And just slow up real progress

While they continue to stay stuck

Where they’ve always been

And believe that is the only way

Or so they say or think

In their own little world

While everything else passes them by

And can’t figure out why

The problem is and begins with you

And stop dragging others into

Your enclosed misery

Claiming you were ready

When all points to the contrary

And otherwise

Covering self over with lies

Just to have a chance with someone

That otherwise the real you

Would have pushed them away

But expect them to just go along

With your deception

After you have them in possession

And wandering why its off

Because you were too soft

To tell the real honest truth

About yourself

Can’t even deal with the current person

Without referring to an ex before them

Crossing a line you never should

Putting the past where it does not belong

And just how long

Do you think this will go on

Before it is no more

Never listening or paying attention

Never thinking beyond self

They will end up somewhere else

As you watch them leave out the door

Yet still not having a clue

That the real problem is you

You’re grown and want to do whatever

Most unclever and steady

Just further proving

That you were never ready


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