Can It Be (Part 2)



Can it be

That this world is headed for a fall

Can it be

That this will not affect just one but all

Can it be

That real love has come and gone

Can it be

That so many are not getting along

Can it be

That we’re too caught up with self

Can it be

That we don’t make enough time for someone else

And have taken care off of the shelf

Can it be

That we have lost critical and free thinking

Being led around like lost sheep

With this being just the beginning

Can it be

That we have lost our way

Believing anything that seems right

But wrong on any day

And too easily swayed

Unable to truly convey

Each and everyday

While continuing to fail 

Act or say

Enough is enough

Turning your head the opposite way

So you can stay further out of touch

Humility and peace

Is this asking for too much

Can it be

That we have become 

Overly creatures of habit

As hate and injustice run rampant

With greed and corruption

As the standard and norm

Nor far removed from this storm

Can it be 

That most of our hearts have gone cold

Instead of staying warm

And constantly making the same mistakes

Even after we’ve been warned

Repeating the same old history

And unfortunately

Most of us just cannot see

Or have turned a blind eye

To our harsh environment surrounding us all

Because the masses are still asleep

With each heartbeat

The illusion of winning

With a slow pulse on repeat

No rise but a fall

And living life at a crawl

Can anyone else see what I see

With everything going on

And evidently

Can it be


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