To Bring Hope



This poet inspires to bring hope

To a very cruel world

And in no way naive

To all that hurls itself

Around this world

Not to ignore it either

But rather bring something else

To the barren table

That would and could help enable

Thoughts and the will

To do so much more

But more than just me

Must open the door

To peaceful opportunities

And misplaced and non-existent harmony

To shed and face the fear

Of accomplishing more

Than what we currently have

Going on right here and near

Yet so dear to us all

But unfortunately

Are the main ones that fall

Well I am here

To stand us up

And say enough is enough

Grab hold of good

And run over what has been

Tough and rough

Not enough care or unfair

And place hope in our minds

By injecting it there

And start to become aware

That I might

And this just might

Unleash the power we possess

If we could just tap into it

And begin living at our best

This poet here will set the stage

But need many more like me

To stand up and engage

And forego further rage

Right along with myself

And for the absolute betterment

Of everyone else

To absorb the positive

And start to cope

As I

And hopefully many others

Will bring about hope


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