Followup to the poem “Gravity of the Situation”




We are attracted to everything

Except for what matters most

And go and toast

Material things and the happiness

We think it will bring

While we roast

Anything or anyone

Through judgement and fun

Placing ourselves upon pedestals

That belong to no one

And revel in the burdens

That others go through

And point out what they should do

Or should have done

No humbleness at all

Not even the smallest crumb

Moving towards and forward

A very selfish and unproductive path

That means nothing on the grand scale of things

When it comes to the aftermath

And can graph successes

But not all of the failures

Because we tend to forego everything

For useless pleasures

Instead of accomplishing something worth while

That could not be measured

And would change the lives of many

Where greed would disappear

And hope and peace would be plenty

But this concept does not exist

And if it did

Someone would still persist

On doing anything but

Taking us backwards and staying in a rut

And for what

To just simply hold up progression

Because so many are having fun

With wallowing around in regression

As this continues succession

And much oppression

Stirring up aggression

With no indication

Of changing anytime soon

So all of this darkness

Just continues to loom

With no debate

So when will this take

A different path

Not sure I can sit here and wait

Watching this cold cruel world roll by

With the worst parts of it

Consistently gravitate


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