Fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves….




Sitting and thinking

About the mere conditions

That many are witnessing

And living with every single day

Just barely skating through life

Trying to live life in some way

That would only seem okay

By minimum standards

So many are living daily


And as a normal disaster

Seen by and after

The powers that be

We are not on their radar

Except to help feed

The very need for more greed

So they can further succeed

While the rest of us

Continue to go without

What we truly want and need

Their rise

But everyone else tends to fall

Stirring up more rebels

With an absolute cause

For one and all

On so many levels

Creating and breeding by the day

The various rebels

Rebel against tyranny and oppression

Rebel against injustice and suppression

Blocking further succession

That will lead and help feed

More violence and aggression

And in essence

Learn a valuable lesson

While also detesting

Anything meant to do harm

Or call for more cuffs

To lock hands and arms

A rise in opposition and resistance

Against the established order

Rallying against hatred and racism

And closed off borders

To those whose lives

Would benefit more

Or so we believe

Would gather more freedom

But as evidence clearly shows

This is not the true reason

So many riot and revolt

With posters and signs everywhere

As written notes

Rebelling to help the unfortunate

Rebelling to change society

Rebelling against unfair practices and laws

Rebelling for those that each day

Go through with withdrawal

Due to lack of true rights and freedom

But quick to be labeled a terrorist

For no apparent reason

Just for trying to help

With each coming season

Because no one else will do so

Not even those that are sworn to an oath

As the rebel and the victims

Try to cope

With the entire scope

Of our screwed-up reality

Doomed beyond what we can see

And tell yet spell out

What all of this is truly about

Standing up for those

That stress and yell

And live life between two rails

Seeking and hoping one day

That someone will make the choice

And also, be the very voice

To help set better times in motion

Despite all of the unnecessary commotion

On so many levels

Ready to support and vastly looks up to

The rebel


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