Just Sat By And Watched



Everything going on around us

Is no accident

But instead a well laid plan

Causing so much harm

To every child

Woman and man

That aren’t part of the power circle

With everything done to them

Completely and utterly on purpose

And even worse when the truth

Finally surfaces

Will we sit idly by?

As things get worse

Taking a front row seat

Of the greatest catastrophe on Earth

Looking the other way

Each and everyday

From the time of birth

Until the now

Yet we wonder somehow

What will become of this

All around us with closed fists

Temptations that most don’t resist

While the ones in power

Continue to persist

On dooming us all

As we sit on the ground

Watching it come apart

And then completely fall

Right on top of our heads

With nothing more to be said

One day the question will be asked

Because no one took up the task

Where were you when it all went down

And never pulled out any stops

I would tell those concerned people

As I look upon them with a frown

And a temper that is hot

That we all just sat around

And did nothing more than watch


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