Misunderstood Words (Part 2)



The words we use

And choose to use

Can encourage or abuse

Win or lose

Cause and effect

Especially those we are close to

Saying statements that are misinterpreted

And taken into left field

Turned to the right and at times understated

Out of fear or to not offend

This is an ongoing trend

So when

Can misunderstandings end?

Words have a power

That can reach far pass

What your ears and mind devour

And your heart chooses to turn sour

From what you believe the ears heard

From subject to verb

But what was actually said

Sounded very different

So confusion occurs

All too often and feelings get bent

Not everyone can get over it

Improperly interpreted

Often debated

Not appreciated

To go and circle it

And get to the root of the issue

The real journey should be

To get to the truth

So the mind and heart can see

And openness

To further reach

Beyond those you would never think

Would want to really hear

And let it sink in

With what you had to say


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