The Voice of My Time

Lending my voice for those that cannot lend theirs….




The effect of speaking up

No matter the season

Trying to be

The voice of reason

To take a stance

Against injustice

Words instead of violence

All hopes and fear

Seem to come alive

When my race draws near

A voice beyond

Just the call of black

A voice that has strength

That you thought was lacked

How do you act?

From the sounds you hear

When voices of color

Always reappear

Can obviously see and notice

You feel some way about it

Hate created from this

With every waking hour

Not born to be mutes

With the mere sound

Of our voices

Causing such childish disputes

Voices coming from both

The living and dead alike

Trying to conceal

With all of your might

These voices will be heard

Whether it’s liked or not

No longer on simmer

Time to stir the pot

Voices from great people

That will not budge

And all the unsavory acts committed

Will one day be judged


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