Something that happens

More often than not

People posing as robots

So many affected by the actions

Couldn’t escape the trappings

Reality turned lies

For they despise

Leaving behind the ones hurt

Asking why

While they look to the sky

Unexpected but empty goodbyes

Grabbed the attention

With various ill intentions

Deception at its finest

At every turn

Distracting from the incoming burn

But quick to deny it

Exploiting your feelings

With the tendency of dealing

Cards of meaningful information

And a fatal blow

But you should know

Pay close attention to the

Eyes dilating when surprised by

When the real sinister plan comes alive

So clever

They could never

Be on the level

With anyone besides self

Having no problem at all

Ruining someone else

These people need to be alone

They are sociopaths

And no care or respect

Ever lives at home

Or within their being

Spend so much time

Doing nothing but leaving

And deceiving

Crushing hearts at will

Without proper reason

They change like the seasons

On the move more often

And need to be tracked

By homing beacons

If you come near one

Run like hell

Because they’ll be done

Well before you can tell

Or see it coming

So start arming

Yourself against these flies

Or you will see misdirection

Used and garnered as a prize


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