Followup to the poem “By Design”




There are no accidents

With this place we call Earth

Not an isolated incident

As it too had a birth

No big bang out of thin air

Or from the vastness of space

No spontaneous combustion

Happened to form this place

It was made and built

Created and designed

With a unique plan and specific purpose

Very much in mind

And completed at full tilt

We have a book

That is the source to whom

Made everything possible

Our Creator above

With a power and force

That is unstoppable

And capable of anything

All knowledgeable not probable

And created all things

Left clues and hints

To things we see all the time

And if we seek him more

Many things would fall in line

His way is the only one

When all is said and done

And when everything was made

It wasn’t just for fun

Unique and perfect at every turn

And this is something we must all learn

There is more to us and this world

Than we actually know

And looking to the Creator

Will allow us all to

Better see and grow

We must make this urgent

And cancel out this vicious circle

Of other objects and idols

And learn to read and heed

The very bible

That was left to us

Because we don’t look to it

Nowhere near enough

We’re just flat out of touch

With our true reality

And living in a world

Full of lies and fantasy

I could go on here

But there is no need

If we could just open our eyes and mind

Hearts and soul

And fall on our knees

To pray in any case

And to seek his face

Realizing that our Creator

Could never be replaced

We need to stop

Going around in circles

And come to grips with his existence

That has always been consistent

And left behind by our Creator

There’s no need to keep searching

Because all of this and more

Was done on purpose


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