Turn (Part 2)



As I reach for the pen

So that I may begin

To set a new trend

With an art form

That continues to win

Scorches and burns

Made with every turn

As I try to discern

Through every piece I’ve written

With messages within

That aren’t always hidden

Yet very legible

And definitely credible

A unique blazing fire

With the smoke rising

That just gets higher

With no intention to retire

Limitless times

So, it will not expire

Always original

To forego the subliminal

Yet stands guard as a sentinel

Calculating but non-traditional

Very engaging

But never trivial

This is no ploy

Just something to entice

Yet also enjoy

Provoking much thought

And sending many words off

As the ships of Troy

Hope you will learn

And let the passion for this art

Continue to burn


Turn again

Turn twice

Turn once more

Turn left and right

Turn towards this trend

Turn until you reach the end

Turn the knob of this literary door

Come in and turn on the light

Turn until I say when

And with each turn we also begin



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