Plane Array

Time to wake up and accept the real truth, that all of this time has been hidden and hiding in plain sight, right in front of you….




This world is much different 

Than what we believe 

And has been all of this time 

If we just trust our natural senses more 

And truly give notice 

That the very horizon line 

Is always level with our eyes 

No spinning involved 

And the world does not revolve 

Around anything  

Despite everything 

That we have been programmed 

To accept and apply 

No more critical thinking 

And asking the question why 

Nothing is engineered to a curve 

When it comes to this Earth 

If you don’t believe this 

Then go and research 

We fly on airplanes not air curves 

And no matter what 

This always occurs 

Every clue about our world 

Surrounds us all 

Forgetting and leaving behind 

Any natural simplicity 

Designed and created for us all 

But yet we continue to fall 

For the same old lies 

And allowing ourselves 

To constantly be deceived 

Happening right before our very eyes 

When in all actuality 

We should truly despise 

And start our own thinking 

And our comprehension 

Over from the very beginning 

Start winning 

And just start fresh 

So that we can head in the direction 

Of being at our best 

And forego the rest 

Quit failing the most important tests 

Realizing that we are so closed minded 

When we need to reopen it 

And see the things of this world 

As they really are 

Flat down by far 

Lined up and straight across 

Giving the chance 

To study the very expanse 

Before becoming further lost 

Living and consumed by misdirection 

When the distance of this deception 

Goes much deeper than you would think 

And we are on the brink 

Of a real discovery 

That will one day reveal itself 

In all of its glory 

Will you just stand by? 

Right against the sidelines 

Or will you stand up 

And get in the real game 

So that we can change 

And refocus on what is real 

No more lips sealed 

Not one more day 

Be predisposed 

Because there is much to be exposed 

Upon this plane array 


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