“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”

Mark Twain


EXPOSURE (500 years ago) 


A time when everyone knew 

That the world as we know it 

Was the exact opposite 

Of what it is today 

The Earth itself never changed 

And has always stayed and remained 

As its always been 

We are the ones 

That truly changed 

And become somewhat deranged 

Thinking that something so natural 

Had all of a sudden became strange 

Every culture knew this as fact 

And all of the human senses 

Were so in tune 

With it and exact 

And was seen as it 

Was truly meant to be 

Until one day 

Copernicus came to a very different conclusion 

Instead of this way 

Yet his very delusion and lunacy 

Lives on to this day 

Poisoning all the minds and lives 

Well pass his time 

Into the future that carries on 

Many deceitful lies 

And comprises of 

Such false but in-depth teachings 

That has placed so many 

Beyond logical reasoning 

So much so 

That the very truth itself 

Sounds like a lie 

Instead of asking why 

And what is natural 

Is just too hard to accept 

And comprehend 

For any real thought and growth 

To ever take place or shape 

But one day 

The truth will be exposed 

I just hope in some way 

That enough people will wake up 

Before it’s too late 

What was known before 

Is not ancient and outdated 

But rather embracing more 

From the time it was created 

As the Earth constantly displays 

To what’s naturally shown and stated 

And come to the realization 

That we’ve all been brainwashed and jaded 

And get back to critical and open thinking 

And truly rely on our senses 

Just as the Creator made it all to be 

And actually see 

Instead of walking around blind 

And staying asleep 

Wake up already 

Because there is so much more 

For us to see 

And get real closure 

Because the time has come 

For clarification and exposure 


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