The Sea Is Level



A level sea

Sea level

What does this mean?

That it is flat down

And level all around

Water will always find and seek

Its own level

Now we can revel on this

Each and every day our lives

And get with the times

Realizing that this occurrence

Will always follow this pattern

And simply just fall in line

Naturally all the time

No sea curves

No water curves

Despite what you know and have heard

Water always gets itself back

To a level and flat surface

And reshape itself every time

So that this will always take place

And this has always been

The design and purpose

Always staring us in the face

But yet we want to replace

And choose any and everything else

But the real truth

As oppose to going along with

Nature’s true path and layout

As it what was meant to do

Sounds like to me

That we all need to get on the level

And accept nature as it really is

Because it will always do as designed

And of all this time

We get to witness it

And so much more

Open the door to the mind

To shine some different light in

And begin to revel

To see the many waters

As well as many other things of this Earth

At its true flatness

And surface level


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