The Light of Day



Going through this life

Being bright and with dismay

Gladness and sadness

As the norm of a regular day

Life is not picture perfect

But we must live on

And try our best to do what is right

Yet also right the wrongs

Falling so deep

That it was said to had never

Taken place at all

And stay isolated and dazed

Attempting to answer the call

To lead life in a very different direction

With much-needed correction

Meeting one after another

Face to face

With every human being

No matter the place

All of us on this Earth

Just intersecting all the time

And most only worried about

That which can be obtained or not

And calling it mine

But who is truly concern

With helping another life shine

When all is said and done

And come what may

Seen through these human eyes

Though at times what is observed

Is often despised

Because of the very times

That we live in now

Yet somehow

It is overlooked

Just glancing at the pages of this book

And then throwing it away

Having never actually read it

As it sits there in the trash

And slowly but surely

Human understanding for everyone

Is turning into ash

And then waste

But we must make haste

To put away hate

And find a way

To be more instead of less

Start passing the most vital tests

Giving real hope a taste

Sway and convey

Only then will we see

The light of day


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