Take A Look Around



As you walk this very Earth

Take a look around it

From your very birth

Until you leave this place

And truly use the eyes

Given to you and reside on your face

Use the senses you were given

And connect more to nature

Feel its texture

And forego what is trending

See the world for how it truly is

As something unique and special

That you get to interact with

And never find yourself

Displaced from this

Open your mind to other possibilities

Beyond just what you know

Research and think for self

So you can continue to grow

And get more in tuned with your home

And anything that goes against it

That is not the real truth

You need to leave it alone

Start living life right

Instead of basking in the wrong

And face the truth head on

With much to be found

The true path lies within yourself

If you can just take the time

To take a real look around


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