The Traveler



The traveler moves about this world

Whether solo or with someone in tow

As they continue to hurl themselves

Into another adventure

Making new memories all the time

As each journey simply falls in line

Greeting many people along the way

And taking part in other cultures

As part of their stay

A global citizen on a grand scale

And enjoys every minute of it

As far as anyone can tell

The traveler makes way for more

This person doesn’t believe

In a closed-up door

But rather opens it

To those alike and not so much

Bothering them if they stay

Too long out of touch

With moving across this Earth

Because the entire place is their turf

From the highest peaks

Right down to the very dirt

And low places

The many faces they encounter

In all cases

But it never matters

Seeing what the world

Truly has to offer

With a heart that is warm and softened

But aggressively pursue their goals

And where this person will end up next

No one truly knows

Just watch for the one

That is a charmer

And continues to charter

Onwards to the next location

And most gracious for every trip

How nice it would be

If more people like this exist

And persist on being an adventurer

Meet and greet

When you see and approach

The traveler


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