Staying an absolute mystery

From not just one but all

And wouldn’t bother

To even grab someone’s hand

If headed for a fall

Never revealing their thoughts

Or feelings readily

But steadily

Walk this world

All closed up

And continue to seal everyone out

And this is more than enough

For them and also the chances

Are very slim

That they will ever truly open up

To anyone

And if they do

It will probably come off

Aggressive and rough

And coarse to the very touch

Because being an open book

Is just too much

For someone of this caliber

Reserved and withdrawn

With each coming minute and hour

And they are hard pressed

To never been as sensitive or soft

As the closest flower

With a heart that is both dark and light

And to them this will be

Comfortable and right

This individual is a vault

And being closed is evident

They will be this way

No matter what you say

Because they are reticent



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