And to think that

There are many of these

Walking around in our society

And more than likely

This will further increase

Causing even more of a divide

Because these people

Have nothing but pure hate

Burning on the inside

Avoiding any human possible

Because they cannot live with or be around

Any parts of humankind

And in darkness is where they reside

Something so severe

That they cannot hide

It is written all over them

And radiating from the pores

In a world left sore

And vying for more

With no intention

Of helping to restore

Because frankly

They are just too rotten to the core

Love and peace is the cure

But they would rather endure

This illness on every note

Instead looking for the antidote

Not realizing they’re coming apart

At the seams

And everything else in between

With a cold metal dart planted firmly

At the center of their heart

Frozen and in dire need of a warm coat

This is the life of a misanthrope


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