When The Words Stop


Much energy, time, effort, thought, and work goes into every written piece that a poet composes. And is not taken lightly, because each poem is created to help convey thoughts and share them in order to make a difference. It’s very personal and each one wants to be appreciated for the art and talent they possess. And will not accept anything less. 



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Open and honest

And putting self out there

Within the realm of poetry

Not much else compares

Stop and stare

And have become unaware

From no care

Because you have dared

A poet too many times

And will write up lines

To your surprise

That will combine

Everything over time

Whether the good or bad

The happy or sad

Even calm or mad

And no longer glad

To be written to

Is an honor

It is not something

Any poet has to do

Especially when a piece

Has been written just for you

Start to take it for granted

And the poet can’t stand it

Because so much thought and energy

Goes into every piece

And much heart also

As the words increase

Will not write for anyone

That in their personal life

Is undeserving of this

Writing with one hand

While the other is clenched

And what not

Because the words and the music

From the bottom to the top

Has completely stopped

Halted and faulted

Making this poet

Just plain exhausted

So, this poet has closed

The many doors

For they’ve come to the realization

That you are no longer worth

Writing for anymore


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