The Sounds That You Hear



Whether music or speech

Poetry or song

That sounds that we hear

All around us

Are always there

Some very much belong

While others are made up

Unnatural but we tend to go along

With what we hear

At every decibel and note

Until they disappear

Waving through the ears directly

Or through headphones

Often times very regularly

Sounds affect us in many ways

Being in tune with us

While our brains interpret and relays

This auditory phenomenon for days

Every time we listen and come near it

And put into play

The many sound waves

That we can’t always regulate

But nevertheless, will display

And run its course

Through every acoustical way

Including the human voice

This will always happen

And not particularly by choice

Whether a positive or negative sound

That all of us will be around

With all ears to the ground

With soundwaves flowing about the air

Until they decide to come down

To meet and greet our ears

And at times out of nowhere

Then remain there

But not always clear

Yet we have no fear

Because most of us

Just try to hold on to it both near and dear

And enjoy it for the most part

Very peculiar yet also unique

By far

Whether out and about

At home or by car

Sounds will continue to be

Something we all revere

In any case

That which is embraced

And faced

As you listen up close

As it appears

Readying yourself for

The sounds that you hear


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