Steam From The Pores

Over series: Poem 3 of 6




In this very moment

As I lie still

Thinking deeply about it all

And what has lost its appeal

Taking a turn for the worse

And headed for a fall

Shocked and appalled

Of where my life is

In the quiet of the night

Thinking about all of the wrong

And all of the right

What has come and gone

And felt down to the bones

With not much heart left

For unnecessary mess

That should’ve landed someplace else

Alone with my thoughts

As I cannot sleep

Because life is a broken record

Stuck on repeat

With every fiber of my being

Wanting to just let go

My disturbed thoughts are discreet

And ready to retreat

To anyplace but here

Tired of walking around

With a spear

That has been impaled

And seemed stuck there for years

As far as I can tell

Yet also feel

Pain in the chest

Headaches are more instead of less

Just frankly not feeling my best

And won’t rest

Until this goes away

And leaves me alone

Finding another place

To call home

Because everything that has been

Heard and shown

Seen and felt

No tolerance or patience anymore

Or barely any left

Love has gone away

And anger has stayed

Affixed due to much that is missed

Closed up and sore

From such dismay

With steam coming out of

The pores

This has to change

And can’t be anymore


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