Over series: Poem 6 of 6




Saving one’s self

From the depths of tragedy

Wanting something else

That is much better

And a very good fit

With this life not treated

As a parody


The preservation of self

To save and rescue

Yourself from anyone

That means to do harm

And sound the alarm

When they attack you

Time to think of self here

And get to a place

Where you feel safe and sound

Leaving behind anything or anyone

That causes you to feel down

And keeping a frown

On your face

More often than not

Time to push the brakes

And come to a screeching halt

Because this here must stop

Do not become

Your own worst enemy

Get yourself together

And leave with some dignity

Before it’s too late

And get to a point or spot

Where you can drop that dead weight

Or burden that’s weighing you down

Because you’re the one

That has to live with yourself

And wake up to the same mirror

Staring back at you

When no one else is around

So, lose the clown

And make yourself scarce from them

So, you can be found

And revisit yourself again

With loving self-first

Before you start over again

Staying away from anything or anyone

That gives you reservations

Remembering and applying

Mental and physical application

With the first rule of life

And for your own survival

Called self-preservation


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