No More Room

Over series: Poem 5 of 6




No place here anymore

Due to being rotten at the core

Just dead weight now

Affecting the living

Tired of dealing with the unnecessary

And no longer giving

Their all after such a fall

Detestable and suggestable

Well beyond what the many words

Can say or convey

And just haven’t realized

That you have pushed them away

So much time spent

Feeling out of place

Now have packed up

And both mentally and physically

Have moved on

And you’re not in their suitcase

This is not up for discussion

Why continue to be with someone

Who is uncooperative and causes

Nothing but disruption

Especially when the repercussions

Happen again and again

All the while

The reality of the situation

Continues to elude them

A dark cloud they are

And bring about doom

Your space is full

And moving the car

A seat for one

With no more room



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