Going Silent

Over series: Poem 4 of 6




When all talking has ceased

With no intentions

Of an increase

The limit reached

And trust breached

Lines crossed to death

Until there is nothing more to say

And nothing is left

Have had enough

And also too much

Leaving only one choice

To silence the voice

And cut all further communication

Due to extreme disrespect

And constant aggravation

Seen and heard enough

With the familiar

Now foreign to the touch

Words on pause

And the tongue now hushed

The situation has become

Very tired and old

All things not just some

And have turned me cold

As the toughest winter

Because this has left behind

Both in the mind and heart

A very sharp and deep splinter

With ice frozen at the center

Warnings given but not listened to

Or ever heeded

The only thing that occurred

Was having to constantly repeat it

The lights are out

And the whole entire place has gone dark

Time to let go

And disembark

This was a mistake

Of epic proportions

With no hints or clues noticed

From the very start

Just stayed stuck in idle

And never actually went into gear

So, it appears

That the end is here

And very near

No forward movement

And no growth

Nothing learned

Even after an oath

Was just for games and amusement

And would never last

It is time for this whole thing

To come to past

Completely stop smiling

And no longer worth trying

Making the move

To vote off the island

And be left alone

Drawing out a new home

While maintaining my silence


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