Over series: Poem 1 of 6




When all feelings

Have completely diminished

It is I’m afraid

The end of the road

End of the line

And all the signs

Point to the now

And not the why

Time to open up

The half closed eyes

And finally realize

That the end is not near

It is already here

You have to let go

Especially when you look back

And truly know

That this person and you

Are just here and passing the time

Nothing left here

And no one won a prize

Going through the motions

And all the commotions

Trying to wrap your head around

Lingering emotions

When the real cure and potion

Is the very real notion

That this is over

Nothing to ponder anymore

The time has come

To close this book

And close the door

Because neither one of you

Are good for the other


You both know this

Within and to your core

Try to leave on a good note

If all possible

But reality is

This sometimes is not an option

So just go your separate ways

And wave goodbye

And not stay

Maybe one day

You’ll hurt and cry

But you will realize eventually

I‘d rather be alone

Than watch another tear

Fall from my eyes

But don’t let this person

Be the end of love

Just hang in there

Know and trust

That if you just wait

This next time

Then the person truly meant for you

Will arrive in due time


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