The Human Condition



All of the aspects of being human

Both positive and negative

No matter where we go

Or what we do

What we say

Or what’s a lie or truth

Based on how we fly and land

And try to live

Every woman and man

Girl and boy

And try to seek some kind of happiness and joy

We all stem from various types

Of skin and cultures

Yet some of us are polite and caring

While others are circling vultures

Birth and growth

Is what we know

Reproduction and love

That truly speaks of us

As well as who we are

Or can be

And life and death

With an inevitable destiny

Many of us in the same pot

But some are not

While others are robots

And this will not stop

As so many prefer the very top

And will do anything to get there

Even if it means

Bringing the rest of us under despair

The fate the curse

And the show that we cannot rehearse

Yet imagine an impossible increase

Some of us fall back on this

As some type of disease

Well wonders never cease

Using the mind to move further

Yet some forget about their own

With the heart as a throne

And not something to just hurt and step on

Hope is our quintessential

Strength and weakness

But we should always strive

To become our very best

But many have severely failed this test

And realize that you are special

And forget all of the rest

Go and reset

Your mind and mental capacity

And have the audacity

To elevate self

By being humble

So, that you won’t succumb

To the things that will make us crumble

And do this consistently

With every human connection

So that we can have even a small chance

Of heading in a better direction

Keep this going always

And not just for the sake of appearances

Or attrition

Because we must learn how to

Navigate through the human condition


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