Recorded and taken into the mind

These written words of mine

That were always meant to shine

No matter the day or time

Just using this power for good

And for this to always be understood

Always on a literary mission

With each and every vision

That I have for each piece

That will be composed and written

My very own rendition

That I leave on the world

Burning it into many minds

And the vast memories

That over time

You will still remember me

When the sun no longer shines

And the moon comprises

The clear night skies

As I do more than just try

But rather the need to succeed

And take it to the next levels

As I revel in the present

But aim for a future

With a poetic slingshot

That houses the most lethal pebble

On a mission

As if I was commissioned

By poetry itself

And the Creator above

Yet will always answer the call with love

Even if no one else is left

Fire in the kitchen

My own artistic invention

Gathered from this literary condition

Absorbed and injected

Chewed and then digested

Yet with valuable nutrition

Through poetic expression

A rhyming and lyrical delicatessen

With meanings and lessons

Heartfelt yet also with

An aggressive edge

That wedges in between

And among each written section

With a substantial poetic dose

Automatic with each session

So, I know my artistic role

And setting it to cruise control

But never letting go

Every time that I show

That poetry is on a mission

And this right here

Is my rendition


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