Spread The Words



Needs no introduction

Or further discussion

Never met with repercussions

Just an induction

Followed up by specific instruction

Calm with no interruptions

Quiet yet causes disruptions

In a good way

On any day

That many poets would say

After putting their work on display

In such a way

Like being served up

On a silver tray

As you sit there and wait

And not up for a debate

Not filled up with hate

Slide over many where they lay

Each and every time

Throughout the days

Aiming kind and motivational words

To the fray

Or giving lots of thought

To those that can appreciate

And deem it to be great

Skills and talent

That won’t go to waste

As you sample and get a taste

A poet with the right traits

Putting much passion and energy

Into every written case

And comes face to face

With a literary prowess

That can push and sway

Many people despite

Who they are

And by far

Always leaving a hint and trace

Of the poet’s signature

Original and unique works of art

That are just simply pure

The poetic and literary

And all the variations

That it will carry

Continuing to be the art

That wants to be read and heard

And on an avid mission

To spread the words


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM