Out of the Gate



The need to escape

But completely unaware of this

As you continue to wait

For someone to come by

And open the gate

But do you truly want to leave?

As you continue to perceive

Everything around you

As something that you think is needed

As you heed it

And have tried to complete it

Keep repeating it

Only to wind up

Frustrated and heated

For what you truly need

Is to proceed

And find a way out

Without a shadow of doubt

Stop letting your imagine run too wild

As the very thoughts run about

Inside of your mind

And you will find with time

That everything is not always

As it appears to be

Learn to turn things around

In order to travel along

A better journey

Know when to leave

When you perceive

That which is false

And not what you truly need

In no way beneficial

To any degree

Get to the point

Where you can set yourself free

And no longer wait

Or debate

Time to move forward

And head out of the gate


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