Something To Pay For



Do you believe

That someone should have to continue

To constantly pay for the same mistakes

Their entire lifetime

Can’t it just leave

And no longer be an issue

Placed in the blender

From what was made

In the past that is a constant reminder

And a daily and nightly sign

No matter what they’ve tried

To change or alter

Improve upon and not falter

Paying for the same consequences

Over and over again

Even after you’ve became better

But this just keeps getting in the way

Of more progress later

Like being stuck in an elevator

But only half way up

Hoping that your good works now

Would be more than enough

To smooth over the past

So that it won’t last

And continue on pass

The present from before

Trying to build something worthwhile

For the future that is worth

So much more

But must continue on

Even if left limping and sore

Hoping and praying

That this shall pass

Yet settle the score

And not continue to be

Something to pay for


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