Poems Actually



Different types

From many poets

And believe the hype

Because this art form

Will be happy to show it

Free verse to lyric

And I suppose

Sonnet to prose

And who knows

What may come about

When the poet begins to write

And the paper bringing

All the words to light

Cinquain to haiku

Just looking at you

Rictameter to acrostic

Driving different thoughts and emotions

When you come across it

Rhyming with good timing

And what the poet wants to say

Is displayed in excellent wordplay

Phrases and meanings

Art that just adds the right seasoning

So just savor the flavor

It needs no introduction

Nor does it have to make sense

Or give an exact reasoning

Always ready and prepared

And dressed for any occasion

Never needing any persuasion

And always open to

Many interpretations

They could go on and on

From night to the break of dawn

Day through to the evening

Just aims to be pleasing

To the eyes and ears

Heart and mind

Always dedicated and consistent

All the time

Written to appear

To all it comes in contact with

And never desires to quit

The pen the paper

The art the poet

Just always capturing

And never just gradually

The literary universe

Of poems actually


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM