Followup to the poem “Bionic”




Blending human with machine

And not leaving much else in between

The human element

Has given way to technology

And created a new copy

That has gone away from

The human body

Essentially making it outmoded

A walking remote

With an inner human scope

But the outside is trying to cope

With this new form

That is nothing close

To being natural or a norm

Relying on mechanisms

And have become a cybernetic organism

Something out of science fiction

That is now its own version of realism

More metal than flesh

If there is any left

More computer now

Than all of the biological rest

That started much simpler

Yet perfect as is

But some just aren’t satisfied with this

And rather choose the latter

Because being human anymore

Just doesn’t seem to matter

And ready for this transformation

To actually occur

And hoping that in the future

We could seriously move towards

This change and so much more

And let any part of a human left

Just be thrown out of the door

For many and the abilities

That will be harnessed and endured

Are truly leaving behind

What was once pure

For technology is the new wave

And to one day

Shape and pave the way

And strike many chords

Because there are those

Who are anxiously waiting

To become a cyborg


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