The cleanest and most direct way I could put this situation into words that continues to occur. It’s not about ruining a professional game, but rather making a very real statement about much needed change. Look at the bigger picture at hand, instead of the smaller one that seems to rule over what’s more important, that no one takes the time to try and understand. Our priorities are truly in the wrong place, and with many things unfortunately this is the case. Until we all realize that this behavior and thinking is no good and get in the same lane, then all of this will remain and could never expect any real change…. 




To stand up for freedom

But what about those

Who have no idea what this really means

And have always been seen

As less than human

A non-entity

But should stand up

Despite the disrespect and mistreatment

As if this was never important

And just ignore completely

What they have been through

Just to appease the very people

That put them through

All of this pain and agony

Oppression and racial catastrophe

Standing up for self

When no one else has bothered to do so

And ridiculed just for doing so

It is a double standard to say the least

As more division and hate increase

A hypocrisy that just gets overlooked

Because those who have never gone through this

Are the ones mostly offended

Going from a very different playbook

With made up minds that are closed ended

I guess self-respect is only for those

Who have never suffered

And that the very system created

Only works in their favor

Yet want everyone to just go along

And savor freedom and rights

Fair and equal treatment

And no real justice despite

Having never seen it all

And continue to fall

Further and further away

From society every single day

Even for those who have served

This still occurs

But should stand anyways

Despite the other lyrics of the song

That states vile things that don’t belong

But should debase one’s self

Just to be phony and get along

This is just flat and utterly wrong

And no one else would be asked to do this

If it were them

And until it happens to you

Then try to understand why

Instead of throwing a fit

Over the very thing

That you’re the cause of it

True freedom is standing for something

But some can actually do this

While others should stand ideally by

Watch and do nothing

Not even for self-respect

So what is next?

This nation I tell you

Is an absolute wreck

And this is an understatement

Ridiculing people

For standing for up themselves

After everything they’ve been through

And always degraded

But of course this is never considered

Or ever stated

Yet constantly debated

Standing and pledging for something

That isn’t truly patriotic

And is overrated when it comes to

Being who you truly are

With life, liberty, and freedom

Those people are finally woken up

To the harsh reality and system in place

That has always stared them right in the face

And they have become sick and tired

Of being beat like drum

And will continue to take a knee

From an unjust anthem


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