To Be of Service


To protect and serve
Is no longer the case
Following a very different motto
That is out of place
With the direct results
That we all have to face
This has become severely wrong
And needs to return back
To where and how it truly belongs




To be of service

Should be held as an honor

And a willingness to do more

That goes beyond self

With a great picture

To show more of

The impact that was left behind

And had touched many lives

But apparently

This has changed

Now it has become deranged

And been rearranged

Instead it’s something very disrespectful

And beyond strange

But I won’t point those out

And call them by name

But they know who they are

And may see this as disregard or pain

But the fact ultimately remains

That an oath was taken

And was never meant to change

From what it stood for

And with each case and person

That you come in contact with

Was to help and do more

To be the example for others to follow

But have turned criminal

And have become truly hollow

On the inside

And every pair of eyes

Can clearly see and witness this

On the outside

Carrying out injustices

And detaining just because

You feel you can

But what happened to the respect and regard

For every woman and man

Boy and girl

Serving the community

And not twirl into fear

But the one person

Most came to revere

But this in many cases

Has seemed to disappear

And what we have right here

Is a major problem

That needs to be fixed

Because not too many people

Can tolerate this

And so much damage

Since when did it become okay

To be a savage

For those that continue to serve

And with honor daily

Continue on and I salute you

Both man and lady

And more of you are needed

Than ever before

To truly serve and protect

And not settle some personal score

Or vendetta

If you have lost your way

Then it’s time to do better


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