Shape The Future



We can’t know where we are

Unless we know where we’re going

As successes and failures

Either way continue growing

And whether we all care

Or become virtually aware

Definitely worth paying attention to

The current state of affairs

Prejudice and preferences

Always come into play

No matter the night or day

We must continue good timing

And try to stay open minded

Sharing valuable knowledge around

With well-designed solutions to be found

Despite the many ups and downs

Smiles or frowns

Looking at true discovery

Through very new eyes

And positive results

May come as a surprise

When we finally realize

That the resolutions needed

Can no longer be in disguise

And allowing anyone that can contribute

To a better future

A very central stake in the process

And one that we can rest assure

Yet also be able to endure

Remembering the vast influences

With a systematic approach

So that we can inject the cure

Making it worth investing our time

So that we can truly

Make this possible

And just fall in line

With many helpful options

To not look back on what has been

Or has simply occurred

Both past and present

But rather learn the lessons afterwards

And construct the means

As we collaborate together

In order to truly shape and make

For a better future


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