Followup to the poem “Man and Machine”




To enhance one self

By the use of something else

Coursing through the metabolic

And becoming more

Than just merely exotic

And how ironic

That you combine with the ionic

Attracting and contracting

The artificial that goes well beyond

Just the superficial

With the human element at the forefront

And at times an issue

When trying to advance pass

Limbs filled with muscle and tissue

Along with other body parts

That merge and surge

With electromechanical living art

Having the ordinary abilities

Be increased ten-fold

By the aid of bionic devices

Through all external extremities

Becoming young again

To bypass the old

And become the physical embodiment

Of the most enticing

Yet technical and physical being

That most need no other reason

Than to simply go ahead

With the transformation process

Hoping that the end of result

Will take and leave them at their best

And push aside anything left

That hasn’t been enhanced

Showing more machine

Than a human man or woman

And placing in a trance

As you look through a screen

Truly converting self to the electronic

And this is what it means

To become bionic


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