Lyrical (Part 3)

Final Version




Of music and art

Literature and song

Placing this art

Exactly where it belongs

Each and every hour

And exemplifies

And displays

A poet’s focus and combinations

Of lyrical and descriptive power

With the artistic essence

Blended in with pure expression

Metaphors and irony

Passionate yet fiery

Reaching the masses through words

And the imagination used and written

In ways that goes well beyond

All that has been seen and heard

Emotions conveyed in a unique way

Never sitting at bay

No matter what anyone may say

Black and white

With shades of gray

Written energy harnessed

And greatly composed

On any given day

And at times hard to gage

When this art form

Takes the very stage

That will leave many speechless

With each word and line

That is taken in and absorbed

Each and every time

As it graces each face

And taking its rightful place

In the world that we know

With rhymes that will shine

Phrases and meanings

That will naturally flow

Along with such ballads

And continue to showcase this talent

That is crucial and critical

To the literary arts

Styles and forms

Surpassing the provisional

And redefining the norm

This is lyrical


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM