Electric Avenue

Eco series: Poem 5 of 5




Cruising down the street

And moving across the highways

And byways

With next level technology

Making its return

And back with a vengeance

With the future on repeat

At one point in time

They were quite present

Instead of buried and kept discreetly

Showing off its vast potential

And a myriad of essence

Driving and riding along

So quiet and effortlessly

Around before gas took over

Much cleaner as well

Until greed took over

Digging up oil

And ruining a time

When the vehicle itself spoiled

Each one of us

But I guess that wasn’t enough

Made their own place in history

Even obtained the first speeding ticket

Everyone knew and adored these

And the potential was no mystery

So why do we continue to let

That which is harmful to us

Always become the standard and norm

Do we just enjoy spinning around?

In the midst and worst parts of a storm

We must

But lo and behold

This particular conveyance

Has returned back to the fold

With every effort so bold

Making new memories and experiences

For both the young and old

It is the future

And where we are headed

Or should we say

Back to the future

Because this very unique

And technological creature

Is better for us in every way

And one day

It will take over again

There is no if here

Just when

So, enjoy the road ahead

Both you and me

Because the future of transportation

Is laced with energy

That we have come back to

Charged and prepped to go

Ready for the many adventures

Cruising along the world that we know

And quiet with every view

Time to drive and stroll down

Electric avenue


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