The Loner

Followup to the poem “The Wanderer”




Preference is to be alone

And this is the place

That is called home

A hermit if you will

And will choose to be alone

Every time still

With much to reveal

But will

Leave much to the imagination

Always discreet and keeps to self

Aims to remain a mystery

And would rather live in stealth

And introvert to say the least

As succumbing to the solitary

Continues to increase

And it will not cease

Because this person chooses to be

And walks this world daily

Traveling solo without a care

And be made aware

That such a person

Has not placed themselves in a corner

But rather chose the corner

Seeing the solitary as something

Of more use

As they further crawl and build

A bigger web as a recluse

A lone wolf

And will stay this way

Leaving behind the people of this world

Just to go and curl up

In a place that seems more comfortable

And is perfectly understandable

To such a person as this

And you won’t change their mind

Nor have any effect on them otherwise

As they see the very skies

In a way that we cannot relate to

Just allow them to be themselves

And you just be you

Should this individual

Ever decide to reach out

Just have a hand ready to go

And just know

That they maybe ready for someone

To accompany them in their journey

And allow them to come and get closer

Through trust and courtesy

Don’t ruin this moment

Because they will revert back

And realize this is the very reason

Why being alone is where it’s at

To separate from everyone even longer

And continue down the path

Of being the loner


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