Followup to the poem “Outcast”




People that just don’t belong

And always told and shown

That they are flat wrong

If they say or do anything

Outside the realm of seclusion

And the vast and continuing conclusion

Indicates that they have little to no chance

Of becoming anything close

To success or rise from where they reside

Treated horribly and told lies

Discriminated against and constantly despised

No justice ever in their eyes

Seen as subhuman inside

With tears sent up to the sky

And screaming out with each cry

All due to them feeling

Like their life has no real value

And no one besides them

Seems to have a clue

As to

What this truly means

Or how it really feels

Even when shared

Their thoughts and words

Are met with disdain

And basically, have to refrain

From saying or being anything

Other than how they’re perceived to be

And apparently need to stay

In their very own category

Of somewhat human

When these very people against them

Have even treated animals much better

And hated with every letter

Of the word

And under these types of conditions

That continue to occur

Not by mistake

But always on purpose

Living life within a three-ring circus

With a disaster as the ending

When such a life never had a chance

From the very beginning

More and more each day

But if they could just have or gather

Just one day

To be seen with a real face

In just about every case

And would much rather

Just replace their life

And switch up with those

That are noticed and accepted

Beyond just their race

Every single night and day

Growing weary and tired

Due to always being placed

In the uncompromising position

As the outsiders


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