Further Ahead

Eco series: Poem 4 of 5




Outdated methods

That are still being used

But greed is a weapon

That causes many to choose

Options that are to the detriment

Of the collective

And only making exceptions

For those that run

In the same circles

Century old technology

That we could have surpassed

Many decades ago

But chose black gold

To be dominant and outlast

Anything that wasn’t the same

Or made to use this

Treating other options

As a hit and miss

And falling way behind

Because of this

Cutoff and out of business

Or never given the chance

To come to fruition

And the direct mission

Was to cancel out anything else

As the true purpose and motive

Just to keep money flowing

From old technology

No further along than the steam locomotive

Just more aesthetically pleasing wrappers

When instead dreams happened

And other inventions were built

Just to be a game changer

Even for back then

But we must not prevent and hinder progress

Due to the absolute greed

Of the almighty dollar

When much better options

Could still fill pockets

And be essential while also beneficial

To all humankind

As well as to nature

But chose to forego the nomenclature

Of any invention

Before and after this timeline

Living life and society backwards

And to everyone’s dread

When we could’ve been

So much further ahead


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