Nature And Technology

Eco series: Poem 3 of 5




This is all about

Nature and technology

Not technology versus nature

Combining efforts and resources

Instead of on the way out

Where one harms the other

When in all actuality

They could work with one another

As a whole totality

Not abusing the other

But rather serve a better purpose

And not end up

As a soon to be fatality

Until finally

One of them no longer exists

When we should persist on

Finding new ways

For both to work in unison

And this can be done

It can be accomplished

The real question is

What are we going to do about this?

Instead of continuing down the same old path

That will lead to nowhere good

And why hasn’t this simple concept or idea

Been understood more

Do we just adore

Our own self destruction

When living in peace and harmony

Came with very basic instructions

But we all chose to ignore it

And look the other way

Going a very different way

So, what does this say

In whole about ourselves

We need to break the spell

Of the unnecessary acts

And suicidal tendencies

That we tend to call

Making some green

And learn to be more green

In the sense of

Living better with our world

And with each other

Using technology along with nature

To be able to go even further

Giving ourselves a better chance

To go and uncover

Remedies and solutions

In order to solve our own problems

Putting into and matching actions with words

With new ideas as the reaction

And forego walking along

And moving to what has already occurred

Haven’t we all heard this before

We cannot afford to rest here anymore

So, stop making nature the enemy

And ruining the resources that are needed

Going forward we, all must see

That we cannot continue to repeat

We must find a serious way

Of truly living with

Nature and technology


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