Bold and beautiful

And like standing within

An extremely colorful palace

I am referring to the natural wonder

And mysterious phenomenon

Called the Aurora Borealis

Scattered all across the sky

As the best light show ever

And all natural

Which makes it even better

Strong and constant

And can’t help but stare

Who wouldn’t want to see this

At an angle from everywhere

Just another fine example

Of the Creator

Showing us such an ample

Display of unique creation

That harnesses much light

And admiration

Just more continuation

From the skies above

Radiating and circling

With lots to see and speak of

That are very magnetic

Because look how much

It pulls everyone to it

Consistent as such

And highly intense

If you ever get the chance

To visit this place

I can just imagine

Most looks on the face

Completely in awe

Of the Aurora

Feeling and seeing every bit

Of its unique aura

Right before us

And would easily come back again

Because who couldn’t get enough

Of its clear and amazing vastness

To the many travels ahead

And visiting the Aurora Borealis


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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