Just standing by

And writing again

With no goodbye

Never asking myself why

As I

Land afterwards from being

In the sky

Showing up right now

Yet somehow

I’ve been here before

Arrived at a very different time

And maybe in another life

Taking the pen to write

And guided by my very own

Insight that just might

Show up in unexpected places

And the look on the faces

When my poetry showcases

What it can do

With a vast array and literary pulse

All the way through

That will never flatline

Not even with time

Just falls in line

Every single time

And means to outshine

Those before it arrived

Some with and without titles

But never stuck in idle

Words from the inside

That are extremely vital

To the art’s survival

And will rival

Most forms of the literary

And even though it may vary

Through sharing and caring

It will come off largely

Every time like a wave

That is tidal

Prepare yourself for

Its immediate affects

Right after you witness

Its arrival


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